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Religious and Moral Education in the Light of Spiritual Science

By Rudolf Steiner
The following is excerpted from a lecture given at the Hague on November 4, 1922.
It appears for the first time in English translation as part of a collection entitled
Education, Teaching, and the Practical Life (available from AWSNA Publications).
This lecture was also published in the Research Bulletin, Vol.13 #1, 2007.
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An artistic element, I might call it a mood of piety toward the human essence, belongs in education, in teaching. This is particularly the case if we direct our gaze at the religious and moral education we want to bestow on the child. And here anthroposophical spiritual science shows us that especially when it comes to the religious and moral element, there is something in the human time-body that is of great significance for the life span on earth of the entire human being. If one can recognize the small child’s mood as that of an essentially imitative being imitating the outer world, and if we can put ourselves in this mood, the only way to characterize it is this—the child is completely open to the outer world; the child gets lost in the outer world. Just as the eye loses itself in the outer world of color, the outer world of light, so too the child loses itself in the outer world. The inner world dawns in the child only gradually. Specific mental representations emerge little by little out of dreams, which still completely live and weave in the outer world.

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